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Dr. Kai-Fu Lee shared his insights with Taipei Tech students

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee shared his insights with Taipei Tech students 


Taipei Tech invited Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, Founder and CEO of the Sinovation Ventures, to give a speech about internet innovation and trend in China on November, 22. Over 400 students attended this event, some of them even standing for 2 hours since the conference room was fully packed. Distinguished guest former Vice President of Taiwan, Vincent Siew, considered Dr. Lee as a mentor in entrepreneurship for young people. Siew also encouraged students to take challenges and to give full play of their potentials.

Dr. Lee was born in Taipei then emigrated to the U.S. when he was 11. At the age of 26, he became the youngest Associated Professor of Carnegie Mellon University at that time with a PhD degree in computer science. Had worked in many top technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple, Dr. Lee noted that internet has penetrating our lives including mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, and social media. And the number of internet users in China already climbed to 7 hundred million people. He also mentioned2015’s investment growth in which AI industry increase 76% and AR/VR industry increased 788%.

Dr. Lee thinks that now is a perfect time for AI startups. In the past decade, AI’s biggest progress is deep learning such as Alpha Go, robot, and self-driving cars. He predicted that 90% of current jobs will be replaced by AI including driver, translator, security guard, and reporter. Auto pilot driving in particular will become the main engine for economic growth. Before ending the inspiring speech, Dr. Lee encouraged students to think outside the box, study hard, and grasp trend.

Leehter Yao, Taipei Tech’s President, noted that we want to promote innovation and entrepreneurship program on campus, both the establishment of i Foundry and InnoMaking Space and providing teachers with overseas training are all parts of this goal.

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