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College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Taipei Tech
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ELSE1 編譯論叢 2015-03-01  
ELSE1 研習論壇 2015-04-01  
ELSE1 臺灣教育評論 2015-04-01  
ELSE1 TTQS電子專刊 2014-09-01  
ELSE1 台灣教育評論 2015-03-01  
ELSE1 臺灣教育評論月刊 2014-12-01  
ELSE1 技術及職業教育學報 2014-12-01  
TSSCI 教科書研究 2014-12-01  
ELSE1 創新與管理 2014-11-01  
ELSE2 International Journal of Technology and Engineering Education (IJTEE) 2014-12-01  
ELSE1 教育資料集刊 2014-09-01  
ELSE2 Clockwise Cat 2014-12-01  
ELSE2 Clockwise Cat 2014-07-01  
ELSE2 Thought Notebook 2014-02-01  
ELSE2 Thought Notebook 2014-10-01  
ELSE2 Clockwise Cat 2014-12-01  
ELSE2 Clockwise Cat 2014-08-01  
ELSE2 Black Scat 2014-10-01  
ELSE2 Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies 2014-09-01  
ELSE2 Glimpse: Phenomenology and Media 2015-01-01